HERMES project allows four SMEs (three in the Consortium and one as subcontractor in the action) to bring forward innovation by proposing a disruptive change to address the fundamental issues limiting cyber defence automation and autonomy. The SMEs forming this consortium deliver the agility and domain expertise necessary to turn prior research work done within NATO and the general cybersecurity community into a design for a complex system rapidly and at a low cost.

eBOS Technologies

Project Coordinator

eBOS Technologies (EBOS) is a software powerhouse with expertise in front-end dashboard, APIs and cybersecurity, providing technologically-advanced e-business software solutions to enterprise customers on a worldwide basis. EBOS currently participates in more than 30 active H2020 & Horizon Europe projects (including cybersecurity) and has successfully undertaken the roles of Dissemination & Communication Management, Quality Assurance Management and Commercialisation Management. Such expertise and experience will be leveraged to undertake the respective roles and activities in HERMES project. EBOS is the Coordinator of HERMES project, having also the additional role of the Quality Manager.

Invisible Things Lab (ITL) has expertise in secure operating systems, including both low level (firmware, hypervisor, kernel) components and high-level design (services, data flow). One of the company products is Qubes OS, one of the leading security-focused operating systems. The system focuses on isolating individual components, to both guard them against attacks, but also contain compromise if it happens. This expertise will be used to design the underlying platform on which HERMES components will run in order to deliver the required level of security to the overall system.

ITTI Sp. z.o.o. (ITTI) is an IT company providing software solutions for companies and institutions worldwide. ITTI’s main areas of expertise focus on: software development, communication networks (including PPDR and 5G networks), cybersecurity, crisis management, critical infrastructure protection, sensor systems, and Internet of Things (IoT). ITTI will perform most of the architecture and design work for the main components of the HERMES DXP.

TALGEN Cybersecurity OÜ (TALGEN) has staff with significant concept and capability development in cybersecurity information sharing as well as the development of automation technologies. TALGEN acts in the project as a “subcontractor in the action” with the main role to provide the Consortium member the necessary expertise and experience in the proposed HERMES system and in the development of a suitable environment for the project’s demonstrations.