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HERMES Demonstration #1

Dynamic Ontologies & Quality Assurance
(July 2023 – September 2023)

The overall objective of Demonstration 1 is to develop a mock-up to illustrate the management of ontologies. 


This demonstration covers the entire lifecycle of Independent Topic Ontologies (ITOs), encompassing processes for their definition and the release of new versions. A basic ITO has been developed, specifically focusing on vulnerability management with risk rating. Two modifications have been implemented to the ITO, showcasing the utilisation of a transformation function to migrate existing data to the new versions. The initial modification involves expanding the severity field from solely Low or High to include Low, Medium, or High. The second modification introduces the inclusion of the CVSS score. The usage of transformation functions and other supporting functionalities will be showcased to ensure consistency in the datasets. 


This demonstration highlights how this approach addresses challenges associated with operating user applications that cannot be updated simultaneously due to legacy issues. By showing how the two applications utilise the data while analysts continue to populate information in either ITO, the effectiveness of this method will be demonstrated.


Milestone 5 (MS5) has been successfully achieved based on comments from the End User Advisory Board obtained after a virtual meeting. 

Download the demonstration presentation