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HERMES Demonstration #2

Security & multi-community and multi-domain synchronisation (Dec 2023 – Jan 2024)

Demonstration 2 of the HERMES project is set to showcase the robust capabilities of the Qubes Operating System (OS) in the realms of security, data sharing, and synchronisation across diverse, independent communities. With a specific focus on the HERMES backend components, this demonstration features two Qubes OS installations—one on a regular computer and the other on a server dedicated to the HERMES backend. 


Scenario 1: Security Vulnerability Research, Information Sharing and Risk Management 


In the first scenario, the spotlight is on security vulnerability research. The team addresses a critical vulnerability discovered in one of the deployed Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), supporting a specific operation. The outcome involves informing the operational unit promptly to allow adjustments to their operational plan. 


Scenario 2: Strengthening Server-Level Security 


The second scenario delves into server-level security for HERMES backend components, utilising Qubes OS. It demonstrates the Exchange Gateway setup, security monitoring, and data sharing policies via the HERMES system. 


Demonstration 2 provides a comprehensive illustration of Qubes OS utilisation for security measures, vulnerability discovery, and secure data sharing. Particularly crucial in scenarios involving critical defence systems like UGVs. 


We’re happy to announce the successful achievement of Milestone 6 (MS6) following insightful feedback from the End User Advisory Board obtained during a virtual meeting. 

Download the demonstration presentation