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HERMES Demonstration #3

Integration with Existing Data Feeds, Products & Military Systems

We’re happy to announce the successful achievement of Milestone 7 (MS7) following insightful feedback from the End User Advisory Board obtained during a consortium and Advisory board meeting in March. 


Demonstration 3 marks a significant milestone in the HERMES project, showcasing a comprehensive lifecycle of example data related to Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTIs). This demonstration highlights the seamless exchange of CTIs between Data Exchange Platforms (DXPs), facilitating the transfer and installation of patches in Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) within tactical domains. Three scenarios were demonstrated, each addressing different use-cases associated with varying statuses of UGVs and DXPs, linked with Cyber Defence System-Management Systems (CDSMS’es) utilised for UGV management. 


The first scenario focuses on the essential update procedure required to patch the UGV system based on CTIs provided by the UGV vendor. Demonstrating the secure transfer of CTIs from vendor DXPs to UGVs, this scenario showcases the robust communication path established within the HERMES system. 


Building upon the first scenario, the second scenario delves into managing UGV status throughout the data exchange lifecycle. By assessing the availability of UGVs before CTIs are transferred, the operational DXP ensures that UGVs receive patches only when accessible, thereby optimising patching processes. 


The third scenario addresses failure management within the data exchange lifecycle. Here, the HeadQuater (HQ) DXP verifies the operational DXP’s status before transferring CTIs. If the operational DXP is unavailable, the transfer is halted, and appropriate notifications are issued, ensuring efficient data management. 


Demonstration 3 is a testament to the HERMES system’s capability and resilience. The system prototype validates the concept developed during the design phase with critical functions and main components implemented. 

Download the demonstration presentation

Download the demonstration presentation