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Final review meeting of HERMES concludes successfully!

On June 19, 2024, the final review meeting of the HERMES project took place in Nicosia, Cyprus. This meeting marked a significant milestone as the project approaches its official conclusion in two months. eBOS organised and hosted the meeting, chaired by the project coordinator, Mr Christos Skoufis.  


Representatives from the European Commission, Cyprus Ministry of Defence (MoD), three Consortium partners, eBOS, ITTI, and ITL (Cyprus, Poland, and Germany) and the project’s subcontractor, TALGEN (Estonia), attended the final review meeting.  


During the full-day meeting, the partners had the opportunity to discuss the project’s overall progress, until M31 (June 2024). The discussion was based on the four work packages (WP) and focused on the following key areas: 

Overall Project Progress and Management 

eBOS commenced the meeting with a comprehensive presentation on the project’s progress, management activities, including quality, risk, and innovation management, and plans for the remaining two months. The presentation covered the percentage of completion per work package (WP), significant milestones achieved, and detailed reporting on technical and financial aspects. 


Deliverables and Milestones 
  • Deliverables: Nine deliverables have been submitted on time and approved by the EU. Eight more are planned for submission in the next two months. 
  • Milestones: Seven milestones were successfully achieved. The Critical Design Review (CDR) is scheduled for next month. 
Work Packages Overview 

WP1 – Project Management: 

  • Detailed the overall project progress and management activities.
  • Reviewed risks, issues, and delays.
  • Provided updates on the technical and financial reporting status. 

WP2 – Studies: 

  • Presented by ITL, supported by TALGEN, covering the successful completion of initial studies and the positive feedback from the End User Advisory Board.
  • Key deliverables included the Mission Definition Review Report, Preliminary Requirements Review Report, and Feasibility Study Report. 

WP3 – Design: 

  • ITTI led the presentation on the design phase, covering the architecture, security risk assessment, and detailed system design. 
  • Upcoming deliverables include the Critical Design Review Report and Detailed Design documentation.

WP4 – Impact Maximisation: 

  • eBOS highlighted the dissemination, communication, and impact maximisation activities. 
  • Discussed market analysis, business model development, and standardisation activities. 
  • Noted the success of the recent collaborative event with the Cyprus Defence Ecosystem and outlined future dissemination plans. 

At the end of the meeting, the Project Officer and the MoD representatives expressed their satisfaction with the project’s overall progress and results. They provided constructive suggestions for the final two months, aiming to ensure a successful project closure. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the HERMES project as we approach the final phase!