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HERMES Consortium and Advisory Board Meeting Hosted by ITTI in Warsaw - Project Demo 3 & Milestone 7 captured successfully!

The HERMES project consortium recently convened with the End User Advisory Board in Warsaw, Poland, for a fruitful meeting hosted by our project partner, ITTI, and the support of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology (IZTECH) on March 21st. The agenda was packed with informative presentations and discussions, shedding light on the project’s progress and achievements thus far. The focal point of this meeting was the project’s Demonstration 3, a pivotal demonstration showcasing the capabilities of the HERMES system, to which project Milestone 7 is related.

Project Overview and Demonstrations

The session commenced with a comprehensive overview of the HERMES project, outlining its military-grade enterprise system designed to address the challenges of cybersecurity information overload. Three demonstrations were introduced to showcase HERMES’s capabilities, including dynamic ontologies and quality assurance, multi-community and multi-domain synchronisation, and integration with existing data feeds, products, and military systems.

Ongoing Activities and Achievements of WP4

A presentation on the ongoing activities of Work Package 4 (WP4) emphasised impact maximisation efforts for the HERMES system. Phase 3 of the dissemination and communication activities plan, focusing on Results M13-M30, was highlighted, along with the main events and conferences attended by project partners and the dissemination materials produced.

Summary of WP2 Activities and Achievements

The activities and achievements of Work Package 2 (WP2) were summarised, focusing on identifying state-of-the-art solutions in cybersecurity, defence, standards, procedures, and technologies. The aim was to identify common principles and best practices to enhance the cybersecurity and resilience of defence organisations.

Update on WP3 Activities

An overview of the ongoing and completed activities of Work Package 3 (WP3), including Tasks 3.1-3.4, was presented. This included Security Risk Assessment, Architecture definition, and Preliminary Definition tasks, showcasing significant progress in the development of the HERMES solution.


Demonstrations 1 and 2 provided an introduction and live demonstration of HERMES’ capabilities, while Demonstration 3, the highlight of this meeting, was presented for the first time. This demonstration showcased the automated ingestion of data, provision of data to existing cybersecurity applications converted to use HERMES, and automated dissemination of cybersecurity data to a deployed UGV (simulated).

Demo 3 featured three scenarios:

  1. Use-case #1: General Scenario: This scenario demonstrated the seamless flow of data through all components of the HERMES system. Key steps included sending cybersecurity updates, validating policies, and patching services on UGV devices.
  2. Use-case #2: Communication problems because UGV is busy: Building upon the first scenario, this use-case introduced communication challenges when the UGV is in action. Despite these obstacles, the HERMES system efficiently transmitted data to the UGV through innovative solutions.
  3. Use-case #3: Communication problems because of DXP node failure: In this scenario, the demonstration showcased how HERMES adapted to communication failures caused by a malfunctioning DXP node. The system successfully delivered critical data to the UGV through swift detection and alternative routing.

The meeting concluded with valuable insights and feedback from the End User Advisory Board, their acceptance of Demo 3, indicating the achievement of Milestone 7, paving the way for further advancements in the HERMES project.

Stay tuned for more updates on the HERMES project!