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HERMES Preliminary Requirements Review (PRR)

The 2nd milestone Preliminary Requirements Review (PRR) has been successfully reached for the HERMES project!

On the 18th of October 2022, the representatives of the HERMES consortium (EBOS, ITTI and ITL) along with TALGEN (project’s subcontractor) met virtually to present the results of Task 2.2 “Feasibility Study” to the End-User Advisory Board (EUAB). The main objectives of this task were to assess the technical feasibility of HERMES providing a High-Level Architecture. Moreover, HERMES system requirements have been presented along with the key technologies to be used, the identified risk areas and the proposed mitigation measures. The PRR concluded the work carried out under this task providing the plan for the subsequent design work.

The overall objective of this PRR was to obtain feedback from the EUAB on the Preliminary System Requirements and achieve the 2nd project milestone.