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The HERMES Project left its mark at three major defence-related events and exhibitions during May 2023

We are proud to share that the HERMES Project left its mark at three major defence-related events and exhibitions during May 2023  DEFEA, RISE-SD, and EU Defence Innovation Days 2023. It has been an incredible journey presenting the concept, project information, and results achieved so far.


  • DEFEA, the Defence Exhibition of Greece, provided an excellent platform for us to connect with industry leaders, professionals, and decision-makers in the defence sector. We had the opportunity to showcase the innovative solutions and advancements made by the HERMES Project, contributing to the broader conversation on cybersecurity and defence capabilities.
  • At RISE-SD, a prominent conference focused on resilient and secure digital systems, we delved into the intricacies of the HERMES Project. We engaged in thought-provoking discussions and shared valuable insights on how HERMES is revolutionising cybersecurity operations, enhancing information sharing, and improving data management in the defence sector. HERMES Project was one of the co-organisers of RISE-SD, which took place at Rhodes Island in Greece.
  • The EU Defence Innovation Days 2023, held under the auspices of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU, was an exceptional gathering that brought together the brightest minds in defence innovation. It was an honour to present the HERMES Project and its accomplishments at this high-level event, where we explored the challenges and opportunities in connecting technological innovation with capability development.

These events have provided us with an invaluable platform to showcase the cutting-edge solutions and advancements of the HERMES Project. We are proud of the positive reception and interest shown by attendees, industry experts, and stakeholders. We extend our gratitude to the organizers of DEFEA, RISE-SD, and EU Defence Innovation Days 2023 for creating these exceptional opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who visited our presentations and engaged in fruitful discussions.