HERMES Project Workshop and Plenary Meeting Hosted by ITTI in Poznan

The HERMES project recently concluded a highly productive workshop and plenary meeting on May 24th and 25th, 2023, hosted by ITTI on their premises in Poznan, Poland. During this event, the consortium convened to discuss and collaborate on several crucial aspects of the HERMES project.


During the workshop and the plenary meeting the partners had the opportunity to discuss the following key topics:

1.       HERMES system architecture: Participants delved into critical discussions to refine and solidify the architecture that underpins the HERMES project. This step is essential in ensuring the robustness and effectiveness of our groundbreaking cybersecurity solution.

2.     System requirements and specifications: Through collaborative sessions, we meticulously reviewed and fine-tuned the system requirements and specifications. This process ensures that our solutions align with industry standards and meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

3.    Deep dive into upcoming demonstrations: We dedicated ample time to thoroughly examine the upcoming demonstrations, allowing us to showcase the capabilities and advancements achieved by the HERMES project.

4.    Preparation for the Preliminary Design Review: The workshop and plenary meeting served as a vital platform to prepare for the upcoming Preliminary Design Review. This crucial milestone will assess the progress made and validate the technical aspects of our cybersecurity solution.

5.    Final plan for dissemination and communication: We placed great emphasis on defining a comprehensive plan for effectively disseminating and communicating the results and outcomes of the HERMES project. This strategic approach will ensure widespread awareness and knowledge sharing of our innovative solution.