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HERMES project 3rd milestone "System Requirements Review (SRR)" has been successfully achieved!

On the 6th of March 2023, the representatives of the HERMES consortium (EBOS, ITTI, and ITL) with TALGEN (the project’s subcontractor) met virtually to present the first set of results relating to Task 3.3 “Preliminary Definition” to the End-User Advisory Board (EUAB). 



This task focuses on the preliminary definition of the HERMES solution, and more specifically on the user interfaces, public and internal APIs of specific modules (services), and technologies assuring cybersecurity, data exchange, and dissemination.  



During the SRR review  meeting, the following were presented:

 – The process followed to manage the HERMES System Requirements 

 – The list including the identified HERMES System Requirements

 – The updated HERMES High-Level Architecture 

 – The Security-by-Design approach followed during the HERMES design phase. 



The overall objective of this SRR was to obtain feedback from the EUAB on the HERMES System Requirements and successfully achieve the 3rd project milestone.