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HERMES team joins the 8th Cybersecurity Standardisation Conference!

In a dynamic convergence of industry leaders, policymakers, and cybersecurity experts, the HERMES team joined the 8th Cybersecurity Standardisation Conference organised by ENISA, CEN, CENELEC, and ETSI. The conference highlighted key topics related to European cybersecurity standardisation, offering valuable insights into shaping the future of cybersecurity standards and addressing challenges arising from new legislation. 


The topics discussed align with HERMES’ goals of enhancing cybersecurity operations, improving information sharing, and facilitating collaboration. Insights gained will contribute to the development of the HERMES Data Exchange Platform, ensuring it addresses the latest standards and regulatory requirements. 


 Through our participation in this conference, we seek to: 


  • Leverage lessons learned from the conference to enhance the design of the HERMES Data Exchange Platform. 
  • Continue to stay informed about evolving cybersecurity standards and regulatory landscapes. 
  • Foster collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including standardisation bodies, to ensure HERMES remains at the forefront of autonomous cyber defence.

The conference provided a platform to exchange knowledge, address challenges, and align HERMES with the evolving landscape of European cybersecurity standardisation. As HERMES progresses, the insights gained from this event will be valuable in achieving its objectives and contributing to the broader cybersecurity community.