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HERMES Team Takes Center Stage at CF SEDSS Workshop and Energy Tech Exhibition!

On February 27, 2024, the HERMES project, represented by key members of the team, actively participated in the third CF SEDSS Joint Working Group 1 on “Energy Efficiency and Buildings Performance” (WG-1) and Transversal Working Group (TWG) Thematic Workshop titled “Technological Developments and Behavioural Adaptation Driving Energy Efficiency”, held in Larnaca, Cyprus.


The Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (CF SEDSS), an initiative managed by the European Defence Agency under the European Commission, focuses on assisting EU Ministries of Defence in adopting green, resilient, and efficient energy models. As a crucial player in this landscape, CF SEDSS provides a unique platform for sharing knowledge and fostering collaborative research and innovation in sustainable energy within the defence sector.



The third CF SEDSS Joint WG-1 and TWG Thematic Workshop was hosted by the Ministry of Defence (CY MoD) and the Security and Defence Academy of the Republic of Cyprus. The workshop offered a valuable opportunity to explore the potential impact of new smart energy efficiency technologies on the behaviour of personnel in military installations. Attendees engaged in discussions on innovative approaches for renovating defence infrastructure, examined EU energy strategies, and explored funding opportunities for dual-use technologies.


 A highlight of the event was the Small-Scale Energy Technology Exhibition organised by the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises (CARIE) and the Cyprus Defence Industry Cluster. This exhibition provided a first-hand look at ground-breaking, dual energy-related technologies, offering a glimpse into innovative solutions applicable in the defence sector.


 The integration of practical technology demonstrations with strategic discussions during the workshop provided the HERMES team with a comprehensive understanding of current advancements and future possibilities in energy efficiency for defence. This experience aligns seamlessly with HERMES’ core objectives, particularly in addressing challenges related to cybersecurity automation and information sharing. Participation in exhibitions and workshops like these not only enhances knowledge sharing but also strengthens the project’s position at the forefront of innovation.