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Collaborative Event between the HERMES Project and the Cyprus Defence Ecosystem

On June 18th, the HERMES project celebrated a successful collaborative event with the Cyprus Defence Ecosystem at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia. This landmark event, showcased the HERMES project’s significant achievements and the broader capabilities of the Cypriot Defence Ecosystem.


The event, moderated by Mr. Christos Skoufis, HERMES Project Coordinator and Deputy Head of R&D Projects at eBOS, brought together distinguished representatives from the European Commission, the Ministry of Defence of Cyprus, the Cyprus Army Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers Associations, the Cyprus Police, and the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises (CARIE). The honorary guest was Mr. Demetris Skourides, Cyprus’s Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation, and Technology.

The event commenced with welcoming messages from key representatives, including EBOS Technologies, the EU, and the Cyprus Ministry of Defence, setting a collaborative and innovative tone for the day.

During the second slot, ‘HERMES Project and Cyprus Defence Landscape’ EBOS introduced the HERMES Consortium, including ITTI from Poland, Invisible Things Lab from Germany, and TALGEN Cybersecurity from Estonia. The Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises (CARIE) also presented insights into the local innovation landscape.


Detailed presentations on the HERMES project followed, covering its outcomes and achievements. ITTI Sp. z.o.o., Invisible Things Lab, and TALGEN Cybersecurity discussed HERMES’s concept, use cases, and application in cyber defence systems. Several networking Sessions also took place facilitating interactions among attendees, fostering new connections and potential collaborations. The event also featured presentations on other defence-related projects funded under the EDIDP and the European Defence Fund (EDF) programs. Cypriot companies such as SignalGeneriX, CY.R.I.C, Aditess, Ianus Technologies, Ecliptic, Encorp, and Sidroco showcased their participation and contributions to these projects, demonstrating the robust and diverse capabilities of the local defence ecosystem.


This collaborative event provided a unique opportunity for all parties involved to stay informed about the latest defence technology and innovation advancements. It also paved the way for future collaborations, reinforcing the significance of the HERMES project and the Cypriot Defence Ecosystem’s contribution to European defence capabilities.